God of Commerce (2013)

Ancient people worshipped a variety of gods, believing their sacrifices would ensure prosperity, fertility, success in battle, and more. But perhaps we still put our hope in these gods today. “God of Commerce” is a short film that explores this idea. A chief executive calling himself “Commerce” smugly proclaims all the benefits he provides, claiming he can satisfy “everything your heart desires…for a price”. But then the transmission is interrupted by the Resistance, who claim that there is another way…


Deus in Machina (2012)

Deus In Machina joins the Designer and his assistant Gabe at a critical moment: the System is infected, and there appears to be no way to stop the spread of this deadly virus.  There may yet be a solution, but it will require the Designer to risk everything.  An allegory for the Christmas story, but from a unique perspective.


Trailer for Daily Bread (2008)

Bread is often used in the Bible as a metaphor for spiritual nourishment.  But what if one day you opened your mailbox and found that God had left you an actual loaf of bread?  This is what happens to Luke, a college student in the midst of planning a major campus event.  Daily Bread is a short film about trusting God each day, no matter what happens.

(Produced in 2008 by Steffen Studios, the predecessor to Cinetheologian).