Cinetheologian’s Summer Projects

This summer, Cinetheologian is working on two different projects: a short film called “God of Commerce”, and a re-edit of an earlier film, Daily Bread.  Here are the details.

“God of Commerce”

“God of Commerce” is a short film about how modern society worships commerce, rather than the one true God.  It is the first in a series of 1-minute commercial-style films about the various false gods that we worship.  Each film will focus on  a different false god—these might include science, knowledge, sex, nationalism, physical attractiveness, etc.  The overall message is that these things are not bad in themselves, but we often substitute them for God in trying to fulfill our deepest longings.

We held a casting session for the film this past Saturday at St. Andrews Lutheran Church near La Mesa.  We had a great turnout, and will make a decision on casting later this week.  We are tentatively planning to shoot later this month, so the next step is finding locations and a crew.

Ultimately, we plan to use this film series as part of a ministry campaign designed to raise awareness about our reliance on idols, and to encourage people to seek the one true God.  Christians and churches are the primary audience, though we hope that some non-believers will be intrigued by this campaign as well.

Daily Bread Re-Edit

Back in 2008, I produced a short Christian film called Daily Bread.  This was prior to the days of Cinetheologian, so it was produced under the name Steffen Studios.  Daily Bread tells the story of a college student name Luke, who begins receiving daily loaves of bread from God.  Inside each loaf is a message, telling Luke what to do each day.

Daily Bread premiered in January 2008 at Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks, CA.  With a runtime of 15 minutes, it was shown in place of the sermon.  Two months later, we showed it in a similar fashion at Bethel Lutheran Church in Encino.  We hosted two additional screenings at Christian young adult groups in Bel Air and Aliso Viejo, but since then Daily Bread has effectively been “in the can”.

I had intended to seek distribution for Daily Bread, but hesitated because I thought the pacing was uneven and the audio was unprofessional.  Then I got distracted with getting married, and the whole project was sidelined.  A few weeks ago on a whim, I popped in the DVD and watched Daily Bread again.  Yes, the pacing and audio could be better, but I also realized how many good things there were about the film.  As a video editor I have five more years of experience since 2008, and with Cinetheologian I now have a sound designer who’s pretty good at fixing audio issues.  So I decided that with relatively minimal effort, we could make Daily Bread distribution worthy.  And that’s what we’re doing.

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