The San Diego Film Consortium

This past Friday, Faith, Jessica, and I attended the San Diego Film Consortium event at the Four Points Sheraton in Kearny Mesa (San Diego).  Here are some highlights and impressions from the event:

It is Refreshing to Be Around Fellow Filmmakers

A real sense of energy is created when filmmakers or other artists get together.  It is so easy to get discouraged when you aren’t connected to that world.  Filmmaking starts to seem impossible when the people in your day-to-day life are doing “real” jobs, such as working in healthcare, education, or child development.  But then you go to an event like the SD Film Consortium and get connected to just how many people in San Diego are making films, and doing it successfully (success, at least in terms of getting their films made and shown–making a living is a separate issue).

Being Christian Filmmakers Kind of Makes Us Stand Out

Faith pointed out that when we told people we’re Christian, people either reacted with interest or as if it was a swear word.  There wasn’t much in-between.  It is both exciting and scary to be so (relatively) unique.

There Are a Lot of Actors, But Emotionally-Authentic Performances are Still Rare

Acting is hard.  I know because I tried it in high school and college.  It takes thoroughly understanding the character you’re playing and then fully becoming that character.  The best actors can authentically portray the emotions felt by that character.  One of the events at the Consortium was a showcase of actor demo reels.  Though there were a few good actors, most of the performances I saw failed at emotional authenticity.  I was not watching that character.  Instead, I was clearly watching someone act.  At one point, I even laughed out loud at what I later realized was meant to be a dramatic performance.  I wasn’t purposely trying to insult the actor’s performance (perhaps I should have tried harder to hold that laugh in) but it was just a natural reaction to a performance that came off as false–comical, rather than dramatic.  To be fair, the director also shares responsibility for an actor’s performance (take Natalie Portman in Garden State vs. Star Wars).  But it may still take a rather rigorous audition process to find good actors.

Resources We Learned About:

  • Digital Gym – A resource for San Diego filmmakers and media artists that provides workshops, equipment rentals, and a place to hang out and connect.
  • So Say We All – An organization for writers in San Diego.  Though film writing is not their specific focus, it may be a venue for meeting writers to collaborate with.

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